- Learn to use improvisation as a tool for improving business - 

Business is always changing and you want to be ahead of that change. We challenge you to develop your services to a new level. ImproDesign™ is a fast and fun way to find new business opportunities for your company and to create new services.


ImproDesign™ lectures or workshops will change the way you and your team think and gives you tools you can use when you need to improve your business. We teach you how to use methods of improvisation in your business and your daily teamwork.


The workshop will bring you actual new business ideas. Have fun and let us improve your services and products with you.

ImproDesign™ - Part Two: Implementing the Idea


After the workshop you can also purchase a second part of ImproDesign™ which helps you to implement the idea and to create actual services or products.

The language of this workshop can be in either English or Finnish.

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